what you say is a reflection of you
and my house looks like i am moving
because everything is in boxes

It is only because i am not happy with how i live

everything crumbled one night
love was on the horizon
but love was a mirage
murshid talked about the desert
for love
yearning and wanting
to know that I know it
and if you do not
then it is not
an understood passion
and purpose
for every reason
it is not stupid to give away
what you say

and you said it
with out words
in a way that my dog could understand
he understands burning

why do you go back to your lip

i have never really talked to
i think there is something
and i dont know
i have never sat and talked about my father to my
we have never sat and talked about that

does she avoid it
do you try to talk about it

could the avoidance be away from
every subject that could possibly lead to that subject
as if every action is a diversion from the one true action
that is the reason behind the reasons why?

why dont you know what it is like
to be burning for

there is only one kind of love

if you ever place your love behind any other thing
then that thing is love

that thing could be an idol of love
one that make s youthink
that there is love within the purpose
within the idol
this is idolation
this is the truth
within the thruth
and the reason why is within it

i do love what I am doing
and it is the best love
that is the burning
it must burn at both ends of the candle
and it flows
like a river without exhaustion
like a rain dance in the amazon
that I could
it just goes
if it does not keep
it takes the driving force
to get to the edge
and then when it
it is the artists disease
to create or not to create
there is no other way to be
except for intense
if it was not right
you would not know
you do not
repress the intention
that I am talking about
there is no retensioning
once the thing is real
and understandable
it is the real reason why
it is never shy
to be where it has to be
to be

It is amazing
and it is full of grace

i did not ask if you knew you could be like that

if it is whether people are judging you
then you have to ask if you are doing it for the right reasons
if you just sit there and say nothing
either way you are being judged
doing nothing is a choice anyway

that would have to be

I could admit
that I would commit
into reality
into the ether that is now
this ethosphere is my digital cyberspace sphere

I will commit to making love
for the rest of my life with anyone
that would match me
intention for intention

I couldnt leave this if i wanted to
and repression is the ego hiding itself
it is the reason that the ego stays inside and keeps you
from the outside

it is tweaked out to be
real and passionate
and the real real real
reason that people who salsa dance
should dance with bollywood stars
and be the first feminine entaglement
that our repressed society could handle
without someone breaking vows that our content filters could handle
once you have even thought something
you cannot forget it
it is in your heart
there is no erasing
once you realize that you cannot
your heart knows the truth
it is hard to speak
what is written on your side of the wall

that is why i love graffiti writers
these are guys with no fear and no failure
but the failure of fear within the fantasy world
of poofiness
and reckless
in order to hide the truth of what is out there
to hide from
people lie to preserve their own true falsehoods
and the reasons why
are never important
the pupose is in and of itself
it is the reason that council is as important as intelligence
is a dangerous drug
that affects the greatest addiction of them all
the ego

the television is the
i get to
that is funny
I would love to think that I am dressing up like I
want to
that is funny
truly purely naked
and there is no way
that I can remember what that feels like
in my current love life

it is nice to be all naked

nakedness is not a sin
it is what keeps the outside in

inside out and all of us are pure inside
there is an untouched wall of your soul
that you would never know
because you are lost and given unto your own knowledge that keeps it from you
no more sugar
and empty calories.
it takes the reality of all the openness
of a real real human experience
if you can do it better
why dont you start with you

take care of your mouth

garbage in is garbage out

Scientistsuperstar is going to run a tie dying class
for WDBX tee shirts
for the Boys and Girls club
of Carbondale Il.

There is going to be a wiki building workshop
and free wiki's will be given away
for free
I can subdivide my mind
and you can learn to be friends
and I have another girl over
and you are going to freak out
it is all about the phreak

if you group five emotions into one thing
how can you be sure that you can even truly experience one of them

why do i want sex
what are the nafs
why do we need and need
and what does intention lead to
what is marriage
is it something that you can force
is it some thing that you can have power over
power or force both equal the same thing
so choosing to choose between the two
does not equal a commitment to anyone but yourself
in a union
there is no difference
there is no self
and living within this space
is the purpose
of the marriage
and the purpose of the partnership
and the commitment
means only what your imagination
leads you to believe that you are capable of
and if you cannot know the rules
how can you lead
the horse to water
and ever expect her to drink
power vs force
i vs we
and there is no place without the lonliness
that one person and da de da de da
it is a way to control sexual habits
if that is all that you can see
within the marriage ceremony
that is what marriage is
and your contract is
null and void
in the imagination
of the soul that is dreaming
of love
undefined and gleaming
without the pupose of the passion
and the burning of the desire
for more
real and true and passionate